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16/3/1997 S Hoeltzel Summoning: Messages From Mordor
5/2/1997 P Azevedo Dismal Euphony: Dismal Thoughts
5/2/1997 P Azevedo Imperium: The Rise of Imperium
5/2/1997 P Schwarz Konkhra: Konkhring the Weak
5/2/1997 A Bromley Old Grandad: Never Underestimate Grand-Paps
5/2/1997 A Gaudrault Razor: Retrospective and Recent Realities
5/2/1997 A Bromley Today Is the Day: Today Is a Good Day to Die
2/1/1997 S Hoeltzel Abigor: Crimson Questions and Ashen Replies
2/1/1997 S Hoeltzel Diaboli: Diabolic Dialogue
2/1/1997 A Bromley Gomorrah: Caressing Heaviness
2/1/1997 A Bromley Inner Thought: Perspectives Played Out
2/1/1997 A Bromley Korn: Kareless and Krazy
2/1/1997 A Bromley Manowar: Metal's Masters
2/1/1997 A Bromley Meliah Rage: The Rage Returns
2/1/1997 A Bromley Nevermore: Seattle's Sinister Sages
18/11/1996 A Wasylyk Anhkrehg: Montreal's Maniacs
18/11/1996 A Bromley Brutal Truth: Revealing the Brutal Truth
18/11/1996 S Hoeltzel Dimmu Borgir: Storming the Black Castle
18/11/1996 A Wasylyk Exit-13: Exit to Euphoria
18/11/1996 A Wasylyk Human Remains: Revealing the Remains
18/11/1996 A Bromley Stuck Mojo: When Pigs Fly
18/11/1996 A Bromley Type O Negative: Spreading Darkness Once Again
18/11/1996 A Bromley Vision of Disorder: Expressing the Vision
11/10/1996 A Bromley Another White Male: Wrestling With Whitey
11/10/1996 A Wasylyk Blood Duster: Dusting the Outback
11/10/1996 A Bromley Embrace: Embracing the Ethereal
11/10/1996 G Filicetti Moonspell: Irreligious Inquiries
11/10/1996 S Hoeltzel Mortiis: Mind Melding With Mortiis
11/10/1996 A Bromley Rotting Christ: Revealing the Rotted Remains
11/10/1996 A Wasylyk Soulquake System: The Quintessential Quake
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