Spectral Lore - III
Black metal music has gone a very long way from its crude, simple beginning represented by its most obvious ambassadors, Darkthrone and Bathory, to this, Spectral Lore's _III_: an album that has everything to do with black metal, and yet, has nothing in common with the aforementioned bands.
Quercus - Sfumato
Quercus' avantgarde is exercised through the music's paradigm, and that is, simply put, that you never know where the music's going to take you next. If there's linearity in music as well as chaos, then Quercus' music is as chaotic as it gets, in the sense it is unguessable, unpredictable, elusive.
My Shameful - Hollow
A beacon of darkness, a herald of eternal hate; _Hollow_ is dread, sonic dread.
Septic Mind - Rab
Every couple of years or so, Septic Mind drop another sonic A-bomb upon the unsuspecting audience. Why unsuspecting? Because every release by Septic Mind reveals a totally different face of this band; not a continuation nor an evolution, but rather a birth, as if an altogether new entity is born ad hoc with each new release.
The Cold View - Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste
This is no extreme cousin to the guitar rock album; in fact, debut record _Weeping Winter_ derived from synthesizer and sequencer sounds, and while the new music includes more guitar, there has been no great leap away from the buzzing crawl of old.
Chaos Moon - Resurrection Extract
_Resurrection Extract_ is one of those black metal albums that are era-centric, that is to say albums that mirror the time and age of their creation; albums that couldn't have been composed in any other time in the past due to them being the very vessels echoing the current state of affairs in the global black metal movement.
Dawn of a Dark Age - The Six Elements, vol. 2: Water
These Italian black metal miscreants first came to our attention six months ago with their debut outing _Earth_, which is now followed up -- right on schedule, we should add, as one of six semi-annual installments planned for the next few years -- by this month's _Water_ album.
Date By Rating
12/29/2014 C Drishner 7.5 Chaos Moon - Resurrection Extract
12/29/2014 D Lake 6 Dawn of a Dark Age - The Six Elements, vol. 2: Water
12/29/2014 C Drishner 8 My Shameful - Hollow
12/29/2014 C Drishner 8.5 Quercus - Sfumato
12/29/2014 C Drishner 8 Septic Mind - Rab
12/29/2014 C Drishner 9 Spectral Lore - III
12/29/2014 D Lake 7 The Cold View - Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste
11/27/2014 D Lake 8 Dead Congregation - Promulgation of the Fall
11/27/2014 A El Naby 8.5 Serdce - Timelessness
11/27/2014 D Lake 8.5 Woccon - Solace in Decay
11/13/2014 C Drishner 8 Aeaea - Drink the New Wine
11/13/2014 C Drishner 8 Askrinn - Hjørleifsljóð
11/13/2014 C Drishner 1.5 Crypt of Silence - Beyond Shades
11/13/2014 C Drishner 7.5 Emrevoid - Riverso
11/13/2014 C Drishner 6.5 Evil Machine - War in Heaven
11/13/2014 C Drishner 7.5 Kvity Znedolenykh Berehiv - Za Nebokray Mriy
11/13/2014 C Drishner 8.5 Narrow House - Thanathonaut
11/13/2014 C Drishner 7.5 Sedna - Sedna
11/13/2014 A El Naby 6 The Haunted - Exit Wounds
11/13/2014 C Drishner 8 The Morningside - Letters From the Empty Towns
10/16/2014 C Drishner 9 Abysmal Grief - We Lead the Procession
10/16/2014 A El Naby 7 Belphegor - Conjuring the Dead
10/16/2014 C Drishner 9 Bloodway - Sunstone Voyager and the Clandestine Horizon
10/16/2014 C Drishner 6.5 Cold Body Radiation - A Clear Path
10/16/2014 C Drishner 4.5 Doom:VS - Earthless
10/16/2014 C Drishner 2 In My Shiver - Delicate Poison
10/16/2014 C Drishner 4 Malrun - Two Thrones
10/16/2014 C Drishner 9.5 Profetus - As All Seasons Die
9/10/2014 C Drishner 8 A Young Man's Funeral - Thanatic Unlife
9/10/2014 C Drishner 7.5 Alley - Amphibious
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