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7/22/2014 D Lake Paramnesia: Coming Out of the Dark
12/29/2012 D Lake Monolithe: Good Things Come in _III_
12/1/2012 P Schwarz Pentagram: It's Never Too Late
7/29/2012 P Schwarz Nile: At the Gate of Exhaustion
6/3/2012 J Carbon Wilds Forlorn: On the Heights of Despair
5/6/2012 D Lake Scott Kelly: The Searcher
11/1/2011 J Carbon Avichi: The Devil's Triad
11/1/2011 J Carbon Judd Madden: Fathoms Below
11/1/2011 J Carbon Wolves in the Throne Room: In the Aftermath
6/26/2011 J Carbon Altar of Plagues: Moving Forward
6/26/2011 J Carbon Liturgy: Scattered Like Landmines
6/5/2011 J Carbon Black Tusk: Swamp Things
5/15/2011 J Carbon Aerial Ruin: Death From Above
5/15/2011 J Carbon Miasmal: Living Forever
4/19/2011 J Carbon Falkenbach: ...Where His Ravens Fly...
4/19/2011 J Carbon Weedeater: Accidents Will Happen
3/28/2011 J Carbon Daemonlord: Lords of Benevolent Things
3/28/2011 J Carbon Woods of Desolation: World of Ruin
3/6/2011 J Carbon Obscura: Celestial Catastophes
2/26/2011 J Carbon Ulcerate: Destruction For Miles
2/13/2011 J Carbon The Bridal Procession: Introduction to the New Procession
1/27/2011 J Carbon Cough: Doom & Gloom
1/27/2011 J Carbon Mitochondrion: Pestilence, Perdition & Panaesthesia
4/18/2010 A El Naby Cerebrum: Stimulating the Cerebral Cortex
11/4/2009 J Smit Marduk: Unholy Blasphemies
9/24/2009 D Cairns Jucifer: Two's Company...
8/16/2009 S Martin Jungle Rot: While Awaiting the Horrors
7/22/2009 J Smit Pestilence: Never Say Die
7/18/2009 C Burton Mutant: Now Serving Bangers 'n' Thrash
7/15/2009 J Smit Goatwhore: Pedigree Butchery
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