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Paramnesia: Coming Out of the Dark
A while back, we had the opportunity to engage in a short email conversation with newly invigorated French epic black metallers Paramnesia. Their dedication is to long-form, rage-filled sorrow liberally caked with a more American take on that style.
Monolithe: Good Things Come in _III_
Pentagram: It's Never Too Late
Nile: At the Gate of Exhaustion
Wilds Forlorn: On the Heights of Despair
Scott Kelly: The Searcher
Avichi: The Devil's Triad
Judd Madden: Fathoms Below
Wolves in the Throne Room: In the Aftermath
Altar of Plagues: Moving Forward
Liturgy: Scattered Like Landmines
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Entranced at Death: They Will Destroy
The clock strikes ten as Conan begin, but the amps are at least one louder.
Scarab / Anarchy A Scriptorium of Death in the Valley of the Nile
Karma to Burn / Desert Storm / Diesel King Don't Talk, Communicate
Pentagram / Gentleman's Pistols Play for All Your Sins
The Devin Townsend Project / The Ocean / Rome Apart Ziltoid Invasion, Good Vibrations
Ulver / Virus / Zweizz The Wolves Appear on Stage
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Withstanding the March of Time: 1993
As this little tradition of ours keeps growing, we're slowly realizing that we've gotten ourselves digging where a lot of old relics reside. The annual "Withstanding the March of Time" article has reached 1993 and to date that was, by far, the hardest list to compile.
Best Albums of 2013
Intoxicating Literature
In Memory of Jeff Hanneman
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Weathering the Wicked
Adrian Bromley
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Profetus - As All Seasons Die
_As All Seasons Die_ has captured the perfect essence of the term 'funeral'; this music is the ideal soundtrack to the perfect cinematic funeral procession.
Bloodway - Sunstone Voyager and the Clandestine Horizon
Bloodway's first studio recording pushes black metal towards a whole different direction, charging it with a unique interpretation. Bloodway envision black metal as an admixture of old and new, tried-and-true methods treading new paths, throwing into the mix some progressive rock and spicing it all up with some jazz-oriented maneuvers and a grain of post-rock / art rock psychedelia.
Abysmal Grief - We Lead the Procession
_We Lead the Procession_ is more of an anthology than anything else, as it compiles not "hit songs" from the band's career and binds not several tracks from several albums, but rather gathers under one sonic roof the band's most obscure and unknown tracks.
Belphegor - Conjuring the Dead
Belphegor's tenth studio album _Conjuring the Dead_ is a much welcome addition to any metalhead's library and a very commendable effort by these Austrians.
6.5 Cold Body Radiation - A Clear Path
4.5 Doom:VS - Earthless
2 In My Shiver - Delicate Poison
4 Malrun - Two Thrones
8 A Young Man's Funeral - Thanatic Unlife
7.5 Alley - Amphibious
8 Dementia Ad Vitam - L'Éloge de l'Origine
9 Luna - Ashes to Ashes
7 TarthariA - Bleeding for the Devil
5.5 Ea - A Etilla
5 Edenian - Rise of the Nephilim
8 Embrional - Annihilation 2007 + Live
5.5 Ainulindale - Nevrast
6.5 Charles Wright / Guillermo Pizarro - Handsome God Within Us
8.5 Fallujah - The Flesh Prevails
8.5 Lord Mantis - Death Mask
8.5 Misery Index - The Killing Gods
7 Mother of Millions - Human
9 Sectu - Nefarious
7.5 Speedblow - Behold the Darkness
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4 Father Merrin - All Is Well That Ends in Hell
4 Deathcult - The Test of Time
2 Deathred - Senses Paramount Flowing Into Darkness
3.5 Human Cometh - Evolution
4 Hello Jackie - Unspeakable Territories
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