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14/7/1997 A Bromley Hanzel und Gretyl: Children For Breakfest
14/7/1997 A Bromley Thy Serpent: Ophidian Oration
7/6/1997 A Bromley Bongwater: Hits From the Bong
7/6/1997 D Schinzel December Wolves: December Destruction
7/6/1997 D Schinzel HammerFall: Hammering Out the Details
7/6/1997 D Schinzel Kalisia: Progressing Into the Future
7/6/1997 D Schinzel Phlebotomized: The More Things Change...
7/6/1997 A Bromley Sentenced: The Changelings
7/6/1997 A Bromley Within Temptation: The Last Temptation
13/5/1997 P Azevedo Amorphis: The Search for Perfect Melody
13/5/1997 A Bromley Anal Cunt: Conversing With a Cunt
13/5/1997 Z Tsarfin Grief: Good Grief
13/5/1997 A Bromley Heavy Water Factory: Cooling the Reactor
13/5/1997 P Azevedo The Blood Divine: Bleeding Divine Blood
13/5/1997 A Bromley W.A.S.P.: They're Back...
9/4/1997 S Hoeltzel Behemoth: Bards of the Black Baltic
9/4/1997 A Wasylyk Blood of Christ: The Blood Is the Life
9/4/1997 D Schinzel Cradle of Filth: Capturing the Cradle of Creativity
9/4/1997 P Azevedo Edge of Sanity: Swano's Edge
9/4/1997 A Bromley Grip Inc.: Dave Dishes It Out Again
9/4/1997 S Hoeltzel Impaled Nazarene: Nazarene With a Fax Machine
9/4/1997 A Bromley In Flames: Serious About Success
9/4/1997 A Bromley My Dying Bride: Behold the Bride
9/4/1997 D Schinzel Oxiplegatz: Alf Articulates All
9/4/1997 A Bromley Peter Tagtgren: Peter's Pain
16/3/1997 A Bromley Acid Bath: Neutralizing the Bass
16/3/1997 A Gaudrault Dio: On the Mend
16/3/1997 A Bromley Nightstick: Fucked Up and Loving It
16/3/1997 A Wasylyk Quo Vadis: Fuck the Status Quo
16/3/1997 S Hoeltzel Sinister: Across the Styx and Back
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