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12/8/2000 A McKay Altar: The Shrine Unshrouded
12/8/2000 A McKay Broken Hope: Broken But Not Subdued
12/8/2000 P Schwarz Burning Inside: Burn Florida Burn
12/8/2000 A McKay Danzig: Machine
12/8/2000 P Schwarz Decapitated: Beheading the Eastern Prophets
12/8/2000 A Bromley /
A McKay /
A McKay
Demons & Wizards: Satan and Merlin Unite
12/8/2000 P Schwarz Dismember: Dissecting a Decade of Dismemberment
12/8/2000 P Schwarz Earache Records: Foreseeing the Future of Music...?
12/8/2000 A Bromley In Flames: Molding Their Visions
12/8/2000 A Bromley Jag Panzer: Staging a New Sound
12/8/2000 A Ristic King Diamond: The House That King Built
12/8/2000 P Azevedo Malevolence: Malevolently Materialized Martyrdom
12/8/2000 A McKay Mental Home: The Shores of Inner Thoughts
12/8/2000 A McKay Necrophagia: Gore Is Fun
12/8/2000 P Azevedo Rapture: The Futility of It All
12/8/2000 P Schwarz Rebaelliun: Pyromaniacal Slayers Assault Paradise
12/8/2000 P Azevedo Saturnus: For the Loveless Lonely Lives
12/8/2000 A Wee Thy Primordial: Reasoning With the Heretics
12/8/2000 A Bromley Transport League: Still Fighting For Exposure
25/5/2000 P Schwarz Crowbar: The Finely Balanced, Multi-Purpose Tool of Metal... That Never Dies
25/5/2000 P Azevedo Dark Tranquillity: Projecting and Reinventing
25/5/2000 P Schwarz Infestation: Brutalised Britanic Butcherers
25/5/2000 P Schwarz Krisiun: Kneel Before the Conquerors of Armageddon
25/5/2000 P Azevedo Negura Bunget: Truly Transylvanian
25/5/2000 P Schwarz Soulreaper: Reaping, Ravaging, Rebelling and Rocking
25/5/2000 A Bromley The Crown: Racing Towards Destruction
25/5/2000 P Schwarz Vader: The Cold Demons of Death Metal
25/5/2000 A Bromley Virgin Steele: Metal Built on Tragedy
5/3/2000 P Schwarz Apollyon Sun: The Morbid Tales of a Dethroned Emperor
5/3/2000 P Azevedo Empyrium: Songs of Sorrow For the Sleepless
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