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18/11/1996 A Morrow Danzig / Speedball Danzig Does Detroit
18/11/1996 S Cannon Voivod / Crisis / Pro-Pain Vicious Violence Vented
11/10/1996 A Bromley Type O Negative / Life of Agony / Manhole A Night of Negativity
11/10/1996 B Meloon Lethargy / Forward Now / Time's Up Anything But Lethargic
11/10/1996 A Wasylyk Neurosis / Bloodlet / Tree Corroding Your Cranium
11/10/1996 J Smith Monster Voodoo Machine / Ink Disassembling the Machine
11/10/1996 A Gaudrault Cryptopsy / Blood of Christ High Quality Metal, Low Quality Fans
11/10/1996 A Gaudrault Ozzy Osbourne / Danzig / Sepultura / Neurotic Gypsies No More Tours, Again and Again...
12/8/1996 A Bromley Clutch / Orange 9mm / Fu Manchu Clutching Onto the Last Orange
12/8/1996 A Wasylyk Milwaukee MetalFest X Milwaukee's Metal Monster
12/8/1996 D Schinzel Slayer / Unsane Slayer Slaughters the Sacred Shoe
12/8/1996 A Wasylyk London Death Fest The London Let-Down
17/7/1996 A Gaudrault Obliveon / Mundane / Q.R.N. La Manie Reigne a Montreal
9/6/1996 A Gaudrault Suffocation / Fleshgrind / Obscene Crisis / Rotting Gasping For Air
9/6/1996 S Hoeltzel Gwar / The Meatmen / Brutal Juice Heavy Metal Novelty Night
9/6/1996 E Crvich Overkill / Life of Agony Overkilling the Masses
10/5/1996 V Singh Deicide / Fallen Christ / Immolation / Incantation The Wave of Death
10/5/1996 A Gaudrault Toronto Death Fest Unsigned Metallers Come Together
18/4/1996 N Bassett Morbid Angel / At the Gates / Dissection / Sadistic Intent Morbid Angel / At the Gates / Dissection / Sadistic Intent
14/3/1996 A Gaudrault Iron Maiden / Fear Factory A New Maiden in a New Era
14/3/1996 G Filicetti DHI / Mundane / Ichor Never a Mundane Moment
9/2/1996 A Gaudrault Motorhead / Belladonna / Speedball No Stopping the Locomotive
17/1/1996 A Gaudrault Voivod Voivod's Venom Unleashed
13/12/1995 A Bromley Anthrax / Life of Agony / Deftones Caught in a Mosh With 'Thrax
8/11/1995 A Gaudrault Ozzy Osbourne Let the Madness Begin Once Again
1/10/1995 G Filicetti Monster Voodoo Machine Experiences With the Monster Voodoo Machine
12/8/1995 A Gaudrault Morbid Angel / Grip Inc. Morbid Angel's Mayhem Unleashed!
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