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12/8/1999 A Ristic Iron Maiden Bruce Is Back
12/8/1999 A Wasylyk Emperor / Witchery / Borknagar / Peccatum / Divine Empire Canada: No Church-Burners Allowed
12/8/1999 A Wasylyk His Hero Is Gone Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?
12/8/1999 D Rocher Six Feet Under / Mayhem / Vader / Enslaved / Cryptopsy / Nile / Thyrfing / Darkseid Facing the Breton Storm Season
12/8/1999 J Webb Rammstein / Soulfly Let Your Soul Fly Away
12/8/1999 A Wasylyk Milwaukee MetalFest XIII Milwaukee, Here I Come Again
12/8/1999 P Schwarz Milwaukee MetalFest XIII Paul Peruses Wisconsin's Finest
12/8/1999 M Noll Six Feet Under / Vader / Enslaved / Cryptopsy / Nile / Thyrfing Pig's Feet and All Things Yummy
12/8/1999 A Wasylyk Rammstein / Soulfly / Skunk Anansie Take Your Stein, and Ramm It
12/8/1999 J Weathers Emperor / Witchery / Borknagar / Peccatum / Divine Empire U.S. of A.: Church-Burners Are People Too
12/8/1999 J Webb Ozzfest White Trash Convention
15/6/1999 P Schwarz Dynamo Open Air Dynamonic Destruction
15/6/1999 P Azevedo Sculpture / Omnio Eternally Engraved
15/6/1999 A Wasylyk March Metal Meltdown Milwaukee, Eat Your Heart Out... Again
19/5/1999 M Noll Entombed / Skinlab / Kill II This Deutsche Disappointment
19/5/1999 A Wasylyk Fear Factory / System of a Down / Static X Nile's No Show, Not Nice
19/5/1999 P Azevedo Dimmu Borgir / Dark Funeral / Dodheimsgard / Evenfall The Darkest Night of the Year
14/3/1999 P Schwarz Deicide / Rotting Christ / Aeternus / Ancient Rites / Behemoth Dead by Dawn
14/3/1999 M Noll Bolt Thrower / Crowbar / Totenmond Zeus Himself Would've Been Proud
16/1/1999 A Cantwell Death / HammerFall Dying Under the Hammer
16/1/1999 M Noll Slayer / Sepultura / System of a Down Facing the Slayers, Down in the Grave
16/1/1999 P Azevedo Cradle of Filth / Napalm Death / Borknagar The Smell of Napalm in the Dark
1/10/1998 M Noll Einherjer / Old Man's Child / Gorgoroth / Cradle of Filth Doom Descends Upon Deutschland
1/10/1998 P Schwarz Death Across America / Gorguts / Oppressor / Cryptopsy / Days of Mourning / Endless Obscure and Violent Canadian Supremacy
1/9/1998 A Wasylyk Blood of Christ / Morbid Angel A Meeting of Deities
1/9/1998 B Meloon Bughouse / Lifebleed / Inertia / Lethargy CD Release Bonanza
1/9/1998 M Noll Soulfly / Cold Mad Max Lives
1/9/1998 A Bromley Monster Magnet Megalomaniacal Monsters
1/9/1998 A Wasylyk Withered Earth / Necronomicon / Deeds of Flesh / Dying Fetus / London Death Fest Milwaukee, Eat Your Heart Out
1/9/1998 P Azevedo Buried Alive / Lacrima / The Royal Blood / Imortalis Portuguese Radiation
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