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25/1/2004 J Smit Moonspell: Under the Spell of the Antidote
26/12/2003 J Smit Alchemist: Continuous Evolution
26/12/2003 J Smit Mastodon: An Out of Body Experience
26/12/2003 J Smit Mnemic: Into the Great Wide Open
23/11/2003 J Smit Arch Enemy: The Rebellion Is Rising
20/10/2003 J Smit Tiamat: Let Us Prey
16/10/2003 P Schwarz The Crown: Possessed to Race With Death
6/10/2003 J Smit Krisiun: The Carnage Continues
21/9/2003 J Smit Cryptopsy: Breaking the Barriers of Supremacy
21/9/2003 J Smit Tidfall: Juicy Black Metal, Anyone?
4/9/2003 J Smit Anthrax: We Refuse to Be Denied
4/9/2003 Q Kalis Golden Dawn: Beyond the Masquerade
28/8/2003 A McKay Pro-Pain: As Big as the Rolling Stones?
22/8/2003 J Smit Dimmu Borgir: The Death Cult Beckons
10/8/2003 A McKay Melechesh: Just to Hear What He Sphynx
2/8/2003 A McKay /
P Azevedo
Madder Mortem: A Dream Come True
2/8/2003 A McKay Old Man's Child: Striking Out Down the Defiant Path
22/7/2003 J Smit Dysrhythmia: Tradition Be Damned
18/7/2003 J Smit Tomahawk: Shooting the Breeze Mit Mr. Denison
13/7/2003 J Smit Nevermore: The Greater Goal Achieved
17/6/2003 J Smit Burnt by the Sun: Innovators of the Revolution
12/6/2003 A McKay Strapping Young Lad: The World Makes Way
30/4/2003 A Bromley Overkill: Alive and Breathing
28/4/2003 C Flaaten Amon Amarth: At War With the World
26/3/2003 P Schwarz Metalucifer / Sabbat: Can You Say "Heavy Metal"?
21/3/2003 A McKay Kittie: Kittie's Got Claws
21/3/2003 A Bromley Vehemence: Christ, They Fucking Hate You!
16/3/2003 A Bromley Cradle of Filth: Disturbing the Mainstream
1/9/2002 P Schwarz Arch Enemy: Receiving Payment For Crimes Against God
1/9/2002 X Hoose Atari Teenage Riot: Intelligence Meets Sacrifice
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