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29/11/2004 J Smit Anthrax: Weathering the Storms (And Coming Out Smiling)
29/11/2004 J Smit Marduk: The Plague Rages On
19/11/2004 J Smit Behemoth: Keeping It Real
19/11/2004 J Smit The Amenta: The Thunder Down Under
19/10/2004 J Smit Rotting Christ: Back Into the Abyss Once More
30/9/2004 J Smit Danzig: A New Cycle Begins
30/9/2004 J Smit Turisas: Thus Spake the War God
23/9/2004 Q Kalis Celestia: Necromelancholic Reveries
23/9/2004 J Smit Mortiis: The Gloves Are Off
31/8/2004 P Schwarz Mastodon: Where Swims the Leviathan?
6/8/2004 P Schwarz Dismember: Indifferent and Content
6/8/2004 J Smit Inhumate: DIY Grind With a Mind
31/7/2004 J Smit Meshuggah: From Nothing to Number "I"
16/7/2004 M Noll Bathory: KICKING*ASS in '85 - Quorthon RIP
16/7/2004 P Schwarz Destruction: A Fully Loaded Discharge of Metal
12/7/2004 P Schwarz Descent: Into the Pit of Pain!
12/7/2004 P Schwarz Fall of the Leafe: Autumn's First Triumph
5/7/2004 A Wee Serpens Aeon: The Dawn of a New Aeon
31/5/2004 J Smit Heaven Shall Burn: Not a Marduk Cover Band
31/5/2004 J Smit Insomnium: Sunday Morning Hangover Blues
7/5/2004 J Smit Death Angel: From Death Into New Life
29/4/2004 P Schwarz Dimmu Borgir: In Deep With the Deacons of the Dark Castle
29/4/2004 P Schwarz Nightwish: Nemo's Search for Success...
19/4/2004 P Schwarz Aborted: Neil's Needle Meets Carcass's Bonesaw
23/3/2004 J Smit In Flames: A Soundtrack to Comeuppance
23/3/2004 J Smit Rotting Christ: Still Rotting in the Free World
14/3/2004 J Smit Exodus: Dancing With the Damned
29/2/2004 A McKay Coercion: No Arm Twisting Involved
29/2/2004 J Smit God Forbid: Notice Is Served
25/1/2004 J Smit Darkane: The Will to Overcome
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