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11/10/1996 A Wasylyk Turmoil: Tackling the Turmoil
12/8/1996 G Filicetti Ancient: Aphazel's Almighty Ancient
12/8/1996 G Filicetti Grave: Digging Graves and Hating It
12/8/1996 A Bromley Iced Earth: Spawn-Ing New Territory
12/8/1996 A Bromley Monster Voodoo Machine: Mutiny on the Machine
12/8/1996 A Bromley Solus: Toronto's Takeover
12/8/1996 B Meloon Spastic Ink: Indelibly Inked
12/8/1996 A Bromley The Almighty: The Classic Comeback
17/7/1996 S Hoeltzel Abigor: Update From the Twilight Kingdom
17/7/1996 S Hoeltzel Apollyon Sun: Apollyon's Sun Illuminates the Frost
17/7/1996 A Gaudrault Deicide: Lucifer'S Right-Hand Man Speaks
17/7/1996 A Bromley Grim Skunk: Releasing the Reek
17/7/1996 S Hoeltzel Malevolent Creation: Malevolently Plowing Forward
17/7/1996 A Bromley Prong: Gargantuan Grooves
9/6/1996 G Filicetti Amorphis: The Alteration of All Norms
9/6/1996 A Bromley Chum: Attacking From the Appalachian's
9/6/1996 A Bromley Decoryah: Melancholic Madness
9/6/1996 A Gaudrault Morbid Angel: Eyes to Read, Ears to Listen
9/6/1996 A Gaudrault Obliveon: A New Beginning For Canadian Hellions
9/6/1996 B Meloon Spiral Architect: Spiralling Toward Success
9/6/1996 S Hoeltzel Wicked Innocence: No Rest For the Wicked Innocent
10/5/1996 G Filicetti Cannibal Corpse: Reviving the Corpse
10/5/1996 G Filicetti Edge of Sanity: Over the Edge of Sanity
10/5/1996 A Bromley Paradise Lost: Can Paradise Ever Be Found?
10/5/1996 A Bromley Pitch Shifter: The Pitch of Pessimism
10/5/1996 A Bromley Serpent: Serpent Singer Sheds His Skin
18/4/1996 G Filicetti Eyehategod: Struggling to Stop the Stereotypes
18/4/1996 A Gaudrault Inner Misery: ...Of Outer Pain and Inner Misery
18/4/1996 A Bromley Neurosis: Neurotics Never Know
18/4/1996 S Sanchez Ophthalamia: Ophthalamia Opens Up
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