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1/9/1998 P Schwarz Crowbar: From Behind the Black Horizon
1/9/1998 A Bromley Dirty Deeds: Doing Dirt Cheap
1/9/1998 P Azevedo Evemaster: Finnish Fire
1/9/1998 A Wasylyk Falkenbach: The Vikings' True Voice
1/9/1998 A Bromley Iced Earth: Glaciers Are Us
1/9/1998 P Azevedo Sculpture: A Sculpture of Sorrow
1/9/1998 A Bromley Therion: Eloquent Emotions
1/9/1998 P Azevedo Unholy: Tears From the Thousand Lakes
8/7/1998 P Azevedo Anathema: Delusions of Silence
8/7/1998 A Bromley Cradle of Filth: From Cradle to Grave...
8/7/1998 P Azevedo Long Winters' Stare: The Endless Winter Inside
8/7/1998 P Azevedo Opeth: Born Within Sorrow's Mask
8/7/1998 A Bromley Pulkas: Taking Pulka to a New Level
8/7/1998 A Bromley Slayer: Monarchs to the Kingdom of the Dead
7/6/1998 A Bromley Cannibal Corpse: Visiting the Gallery of the Damned
7/6/1998 S Hoeltzel Ember: Smoldering Sub Terra
7/6/1998 A Bromley Nocturnal Rites: Retro Metal For the Masses
7/6/1998 P Azevedo Novembers Doom: The Bitter-Sweet Taste of Life
7/6/1998 P Azevedo Peaceville Records: The X-Viles
13/4/1998 P Azevedo Ancient Ceremony: Tales of Vampyric Romanticism
13/4/1998 P Schwarz Cryptopsy: Blasphemous, Vile and Now Supreme
13/4/1998 A Bromley Guillotine: Let Them Eat Cake
13/4/1998 P Azevedo Officium Triste: Living a Lonesome Life
13/4/1998 A Bromley Sanctum: Momentum Through Emotion
13/4/1998 P Azevedo Solefald: Unifying the Musical Extremes
10/3/1998 A Bromley In Flames: The Flame of Ingenuity
10/3/1998 A Bromley King Diamond: The Curse of the King
10/3/1998 P Schwarz Morbid Angel: Hellspawn Reborn
1/1/1998 P Schwarz Brutal Truth: Still Not Loud Enough, Still Not Fast Enough
1/1/1998 A Bromley Edge of Sanity: On With the Saga
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