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5/3/2000 P Azevedo Rain Fell Within: The Eternal Ethereal Downpour
5/3/2000 P Azevedo Rakoth: Leaving Behind Dimension so Hollow
5/3/2000 A Bromley Sentenced: Living on the Edge
5/3/2000 A Wasylyk Setherial: Hell in Sweden
5/3/2000 A Bromley Therion: Soothing Opera... to Kill by
15/1/2000 P Schwarz Aeternus: And From the Night Came... Shadows of Old?
15/1/2000 A Bromley Amon Amarth: Keeping Metal Simple
15/1/2000 P Azevedo Autumn Tears: Dark Autumnal Symphonies
15/1/2000 A Bromley earthtone9: Evolving Their Noise
15/1/2000 A McKay Forest of Impaled: Coppice of Corpses
15/1/2000 D Rocher Satyricon: ...and Thus Spake the Dark Half
15/1/2000 P Schwarz Vomit Remnants: The Remnants of a Dying Fetus
9/12/1999 A McKay Mortiis: The Shadow's Soul Between Obscurity and Oblivion
9/12/1999 P Azevedo My Dying Bride: The Bride Returns to the Bleak Rainy Moors
9/12/1999 A Bromley Overkill: Classic Covers From Overkill
9/12/1999 P Schwarz Satyricon: In a Moment of Clarity, the Rebels Return
9/12/1999 A McKay The Atomic Bitchwax: Of Electrons and Bikini Lines
9/12/1999 A Bromley The Kovenant: Changing the Face of Metal
9/12/1999 A McKay Vital Remains: A Vital Conversation
12/10/1999 P Schwarz Angelcorpse: Relentless Angelic Cadavers
12/10/1999 A Bromley Cannibal Corpse: Bloodthirsty Veterans
12/10/1999 A Wee Depresy: Cheering Up the Lepers
12/10/1999 P Schwarz /
D Rocher
Nile: Preparing to Again Burst Their Banks
12/10/1999 P Schwarz The Chasm: Diabolical Deathcultic Devastation
12/10/1999 A Bromley Turmoil: Upholding the Process
12/10/1999 P Schwarz /
D Rocher
Vader: Cutline
12/8/1999 A Bromley Borknagar: Bullshitting With Borknagar
12/8/1999 A Bromley Children of Bodom: The Chil'Un Must Rise
12/8/1999 A Bromley God Dethroned: Eden Must Burn
12/8/1999 A Bromley Jesus Martyr: Sex, Drugs and... Porno?
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