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13/3/2001 A Bromley Kalmah: Warriors on the Metal Path
13/3/2001 A Bromley Mythological Cold Towers: Spreading the Faith, Spreading the Word
13/3/2001 P Azevedo Novembers Doom: Embrace the Knowing
13/3/2001 A Bromley Pain of Salvation: Salvation For the Metal Mind
13/3/2001 A Bromley Sepultura: Their Nation, Their Voice
13/3/2001 A Bromley Skyclad: Purveyors of the Bizarre
13/3/2001 A Bromley Soilwork: Predators For Pain
10/1/2001 A Bromley Association Area: Panko's Pancreatic Pandemonium
10/1/2001 A Bromley Celtic Frost: Remembering the Past
10/1/2001 P Schwarz Cryptopsy: The Shifting Scales of Brutality
10/1/2001 A Cantwell Extol: Death From the North
10/1/2001 A Bromley HammerFall: Renegades Reliving the Glory Days
10/1/2001 P Schwarz Napalm Death: Killing Is the Business of Their Enemy
10/1/2001 P Schwarz Seth: God: Tied in Steel Handcuffs?
10/1/2001 A Bromley The Black League: Suomi Finland Perkele
10/1/2001 A Bromley Tristania: Unveiling New Realms of Music
20/11/2000 A Bromley Cannibal Corpse: Death Metal Goes Live
20/11/2000 A Bromley Corrosion of Conformity: Evolution Calling
20/11/2000 A Bromley Cradle of Filth: Ressurection of the Filth
20/11/2000 A Wee Hin Onde: Songsmiths of Battle
20/11/2000 A McKay Impaled: And Now For Some -More- Gore...
25/10/2000 P Azevedo Anaal Nathrakh: Necro Lives
25/10/2000 A Bromley Doro: Calling Out to Her Fans
25/10/2000 A Bromley Exhumed: Gory Details From the Exhumed Cult
25/10/2000 P Azevedo Lux Occulta: Re-Constructing a Pocket-Size Universe
25/10/2000 A McKay Morbid Angel: Ageless Angel of Annihilation
25/10/2000 A Bromley Opprobrium: Making a Name For Themselves
25/10/2000 A Wee Unmoored: Simmering in Greed
12/8/2000 A Wasylyk ...And Oceans: Scandinavian Domination
12/8/2000 P Schwarz Aghora: A Cynical Eastern Gathering
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