Bisclaveret - _Aegri Somnias_
by: Adrian Bromley (3 out of 5)
Lasting what seemed like a lifetime, the ambient passages of Polish duo Bisclaveret drew me into a world full of creepy sound effects, spoken segues and distorted sonic explosions. For me personally, I find the music to be a wonderful assortment of ideas, especially interesting for those out there that have grown fond of works by creative bands like Ordo Equilibrio, Puissance and others of that ilk. Fans of extreme music that have little care for acts of that genre will find the music of Bisclaveret disjointed and perhaps boring. But for those of you out there taking time to listen to the material provided here, especially the lengthy title track (9+ minutes), Bisclaveret show more than just a band create atmospheric music. There is a lot of strong components that enrich the music on _Aegri Somnias_. The mystique that wraps around the vocals really enhances the music of this band, strengthened by some really dark keyboard work. In time and with some real studio support, Bisclaveret could really make a name for themselves if they stay focused. Interesting work here that'll no doubt get richer and more experimental as the years go on. I'll be watching.

Contact: $3 U.S. to: Maciej Mehring, Ul. Rejtana 3/7,

(article published 19/10/2001)

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