Various Artists - _Sonic Obliteration Vol.2_
(Black Mark, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
Following in the footsteps of the excellent double-CD offering of Sonic Obliteration Vol.1 (1995) comes this release, a fine collection (13 songs) of some of Canada's hardest working metal or metal/industrial acts. For those who may not know of any of these bands, I highly recommend checking out this release to get a taste of what the Great North has to offer to the metal masses. Get floored by the dominating thrusts of power by such powerhouse acts as Solus, Jaww, and Summertime Daisies, and knocked into frenzy by varied metal hybrid acts like Mundane or Jane Doe, the industrial-tinged outfit of Inner Thought or the Cathedral-esque riffage of Tchort and the Family Mantis. While there are literally hundreds of metal acts across Canada, I believe that this compilation (assembled by Ed Balog at Black Mark Productions' North American office in Toronto) truly represents the best multiple-styled metal bands in all of Canada. Get it or be a loser for years to come.

(article published 9/4/1997)

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