Amok - _Lullabies of Silence_
(Fastbeast Entertainment, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
Along with Benighted's two four-song promos, Amok's _Hephaistos_ stands out as perhaps the most impressive demo to cross my path since I joined CoC. Having predicted that they'd be destined for bigger things sooner rather than later, the only thing about their debut full-length that surprises me is that it hasn't been released by a more prolific label.

Such trivial details are neither here nor there though, and its good to hear that graduating to slightly bigger leagues hasn't slowed this Swiss outfit down at all. Continuing where _Hephaistos _ left off, Amok plough the depths of extreme speed and brutality in a fashion that often recalls Kataklysm's erstwhile calling card, the infamous Northern Hyperblast. This isn't the only string to their proverbial bow however, for every so often across the course of the record, the band dip into freestyle jazz flurries (think Dillinger Escape Plan on steroids) and even dabble in the odd indulgent gambit of noisecore ambience and traditional black metal melody.

At its core though, _Lullabies of Silence_ is grind of the ultra-technical variety, dipped in a swathe of raw, organic production and served up with the skill and class of bands several years their senior. You can bet your bottom dollar that those very bands will sit up and take notice after this.


(article published 20/7/2006)

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