Various Artists - _Sonic Obliteration Vol. 1_
(two-disc compilation, 1995)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
So there are a lot of metal fans, industry types, and just plain old music fans out there that believe Canada's metal scene is dead - colder than the tundra of the north. A generous 'Fuck You!!' is in order after hearing this awesome collection of some of the most underrated/unsigned metal and hard rock outfits scattered across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. From the pounding tribal sensations bestowed by Toronto's Mundane with 'Drowning in the Mainstream', the brutal heaviness of Winnipeg's Malefaction with 'What For?', the doom and gloom of Bedford, Nova Scotia's Entrafis ('To The Underneath'/'Frowns Unfold') to the furious frenzy of London, Ontario's Porno and their strong offering, 'Soiled', this collection keeps the metal cranked to the very end - a mind-blowing 120 minutes later. Other less metallic acts such as Lesser Known (Tilbury, Ont.) and Toronto's Krug and Son Of Bronto stand their ground with some great songs. An important note to make: also included in this compilation are a couple of killer foreign metal numbers of unsigned acts such as Finland's Eternal Tears Of Sorrow ('The Son Of The Forest'), Holland's Hoer's double offering of 'Painless Torture' and 'Breakin' The Silence' or Denmark's Crawcell ('Human Filth',) though the majority is Canadian content. With lots of metal bands getting discouraged that they aren't getting any play or publicity, Utopian Vison Music's offering is just the needed cure that many of these young acts need. Get your copy now and help support Canadian metal. We got the goods up here in the North but can you handle it?

(article published 2/9/1995)

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