Twenty years after our inception, on August 12, 2015, Chronicles of Chaos has ceased publication. It is with a heavy heart that we've come to this decision, but the timing seemed right given the changing face of metal journalism. Chronicles of Chaos was always dedicated to thoughtful, long form articles that put more emphasis on quality and insight than on scooping everyone else. We have never had any intention of changing our modus operandi despite the waning interest in reading about music when listening to said music is just a Google search away. We're ending this chapter of our lives with editorials from Gino and Pedro along with opinion articles by current and former writers, reflecting on their relationship with Chronicles of Chaos and its relevance throughout the years. Plans are in place for Chronicles of Chaos to remain online as an archive, in perpetuity, providing free access to over 7,500 articles. Also we'll be leaving open one last email address by which you can contact us, for any reason, going forward. We'd love to hear from you at:
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Chronicles of Chaos Ceremoniously Closes its Chapter
by: Gino Filicetti (1995-)
I've been struggling for a few days now on how to start this piece and I realized as I write this editorial that Chronicles of Chaos today, at twenty, is older than I was when starting it at eighteen years of age.
And Now for Something Completely Different
by: Pedro Azevedo (1997-)
Twenty years have passed since August 12th, 1995. For eighteen and a half of those years, I have been part of something that ends today. Welcome, then, to the end of Chronicles of Chaos.
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6 Faith No More - Sol Invictus
8.5 Prurient - Frozen Niagara Falls
8.5 Refused - Freedom
9 Sarpanitum - Blessed Be My Brothers
8.5 Ahab - The Boats of the Glen Carrig
9 Arcturus - Arcturian
8 Bell Witch - Four Phantoms
10 Doomed - Wrath Monolith
7 Liturgy - The Ark Work
8 Lustre - Blossom
7.5 W.A.I.L. - II
9 Animus Mortis - Testimonia
7.5 Dawn of a Dark Age - The Six Elements, vol. 3: Fire
7 Et Moriemur - Ex Nihilo In Nihilum
8 Humanity Defiled - The Demise of the Sane
8.5 In Cauda Venenum - In Cauda Venenum
Total: 701 articles (latest: July 22, 2014)
4 Father Merrin - All Is Well That Ends in Hell
4 Deathcult - The Test of Time
2 Deathred - Senses Paramount Flowing Into Darkness
3.5 Human Cometh - Evolution
4 Hello Jackie - Unspeakable Territories
Total: 635 articles (latest: July 22, 2014)
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Total: 237 articles (latest: March 29, 2015)
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Total: 73 articles (latest: August 12, 2015)
Useless Un-Umlauted Eulogy
by: Alain M. Gaudrault (1995-2004)
The news I received a couple of weeks ago that CoC would exit teenhood straight to euthanasia has since been roiling in my head. I admit, I avoided confirming with Gino that I'd submit some final words because I couldn't have it be trite or glib.
Clutching the Last Orange
by: Adam Wasylyk (1996-2002)
I'm sure wherever Adrian is he's raising a cold beer and devil horns to celebrate what we were all a part of -- the best heavy metal e-zine of all time. And that ain't bias if it's the truth.
Grandfather, Tell Me a Story
by: Matthias Noll (1998-2005)
Who would have doubted that Glen Benton is still plotting Godkill after all these years? See, he's also got a job in the company that Kerry is working for, just another department. Kerry is the guy who employs Gary. Gary is the guy who -is- the band he's not playing with because he's working for Kerry. Just in case you were losing track.
Uncovering the Hidden Gems
by: Chris Flaaten (2000-2010)
CoC and other webzines had a huge impact on my quest to find amazing music, music that is precious to me still, but these days quality reviews are less critical to such exploration than they used to be. It is a different world, but my world would definitely not have been the same if not for CoC. Cheers!
Full Circle
by: Xander Hoose (2002-2006)
For Chronicles of Chaos, it is the end of the road, unfortunately. It's been a great ride and I will miss reading the reviews of my fantastic colleagues. I hope some of you will pop up in other publications (Terrorizer, are you hiring?)
Metal Media's Maceration
by: Todd DePalma (2004-2007)
The fact that its archive from 1995-2015 will remain accessible to visitors is especially valuable at a time when music journalism, in metal particularly, has hit an all time low becoming indistinguishable from record label PR, a time when nothing online will ever again be ad-free, when a publisher's circle jerk can be presented as impartial history.
The Entropy of Discourse (1995-2015)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (2006-2010)
What used to be called "journalism" in the world of heavy metal has slowly succumbed to whoring outrage filter for page hits, but that's not what did CoC in. This was always a review site first and foremost.
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
by: Chaim Drishner (2007-)
I listen to this kind of music because it fills my soul with purpose and my being with a sense of value. It's being a part of an intangible counter-culture, an infrastructure, a network of collective hateful misfits.
Remembering My Time With Chronicles of Chaos
by: Mark Dolson (2009-)
It's in writing these words that I get rather sad to see CoC stop after all these years. In some ways I can't believe it (how can the art of writing reviews be dying?), yet in others I can.
St. John Maidensson
by: St. John Satansson (2010-)
It is now or never for this dedicated Maidenite to make his definitive account of the music he loves the most. This will be my last and greatest chronicle of chaos.
The Pristine Library
by: Johnathan Carbon (2010-2012)
Chronicles of Chaos now is a pristine library of record reviews which sits marooned on an island, safe from the passing waves of time. It was the site which allowed me to begin reviewing records, a passion which has only grown while the site faded.
A Brief History of Too Little Time
by: Dan Lake (2012-)
Hell, at least one of us started a long-running scene zine with a buddy for the pure shit of it, back when the Internet was a swaddled infant and all these bands we're now celebrating for their fantastic reunions were still toiling in their vital first lives.
Happy Birthday and Goodbye!
by: Julia Semprich (2015-)
It is amazing how much has changed in those twenty years. Back then, we used to connect to the Internet via dial-up modem which always made these strange electronic sounds, and computers still had these floppy disk drives even though we started to use CD-ROM drives too.
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