Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?
His Hero Is Gone (amongst unmemorable bands) at the Big Bop in Toronto, Canada on August 6th 1999
by: Adam Wasylyk
Having spread beer-fuelled mayhem with CoCks Gino, Alain, Adrian, myself and former scribe Steve Hoeltzel before the show, it was time to check out some serious hardcore/grind action in the form of Tennessee's His Hero Is Gone!

Playing a tight set of material ranging from disks like _Fifteen Counts of Arson_ and _Monuments to Thieves_, HHIG are one of many bands that the underground has yet to expose to the masses that truly deserves to be recognised. Raging, aggressive, cut-throat, heavy, pounding... what more do you want? Taking the energy of hardcore and fusing it with the furiousness of grindcore, HHIG were undisputedly one of the best bands to play in Toronto this year, nestled in between Germany's Rammstein and California's Fear Factory.

Starting off with my favourite track (how uncommon is that?) "Professional Mindfuckers" found on _Fifteen Counts of Arson_, they played just over a half hour, never letting up. At night's end, it became clear that HHIG may be put on the "CoC Recommended List", right beside Pan-Thy-Monium and Absu. If you get the chance to check them out, please do so. I await your e-mail thanking me.

(article submitted 12/8/1999)

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