Megalomaniacal Monsters
Monster Magnet in Concert at The Opera House
July 17th, 1998 in Toronto, Ontario

by: Adrian Bromley
This had the making of a great show. I was a longtime fan of the band, our CoC writer Paul Schwarz had just flown in from England for a few months stay in Toronto (plus trekking to Milwaukee Metalfest with us) and Monster Magnet had a wicked new LP called _Powertrip_ just out. What more could a concert goer want going into a show, I ask you? Despite some mediocre opening acts, New Jersey acid dropping, pot smokin' noisemongers Monster Magnet took the stage and for the next 75 minutes fans were treated to a blistering assault of hypnotizing guitar riffs and powerful expressions of chaotic frenzy.

Singer/guitarist/mastermind Dave Wyndorf was in fine form tonight for this sold-out show, pouncing around on stage, guitar strapped to his back, leading the anxious crowd through chorus after chorus of Monster Magnet material. The fans loved it. The good thing about this show was that, unlike past Magnet shows, the band had an extra guitar player on stage this time, allowing Wyndorf to work the crowd. Was great to see him losing it on stage as the band played such classics as "Spine of God" and "Twin Earth" and good to see such new numbers as "Tractor", "Temple of Your Dreams" and first single "Space Lord" sounding really good and raw. Even numbers off of the popular _Dopes to Infinity_ LP (i.e., "Negasonic Teenage Warhead") sounded strong and un-slick. The only thing that really, really sucked about the show was the size of the crowd. This was too packed, and as some know of the Opera House in Toronto, it has bad sight lines if you don't get a good spot early on. Other than that, Monster Magnet ruled as was anticipated. This was the fifth time I have seen Monster Magnet, second time headlining, and I am so pleased that the band has done well for themselves over the last few years, just proving my point that good bands who stick it out for the long haul always get rewarded in the end. Short live review here, eh? Yeah. But the show rocked. Need I say more? Fans of the band, go see them live this tour. You won't be disappointed.

Note: Rumor has it, this could be a tour this Fall: Fear Factory and

Monster Magnet with Nashville Pussy and Rob Zombie.

(article submitted 1/9/1998)

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