The London Let-Down
The London Death Fest at the Embassy in London, Ontario
by: Adam Wasylyk
After enduring a 4 hour ride (absolutely nothing compared to my Milwaukee Metalfest car ride) I finally arrived at this year's London Death Fest venue, The Embassy. Housing fairly recent Deicide and Suffocation shows, and me hearing that the London metal scene was very strong, I was expecting a good turnout. Shopping at a local record store before the show, I return in time and took a seat. Disappointed at the size of the crowd that had shown up so far, the first band on the bill were a band called JOE DUMPSTER. Playing their brand of pop/punk, I was at the least taken by surprise. Hardly a band to be on this bill, but played an average set and to my delight were off the stage relatively quickly. Next were BURNING MOON, who had travelled from Toronto for the show. Playing a great set of black metal and playing a good selection of songs from their demo (see issue #10 for my demo review) and also playing CELTIC FROST and DEATH covers, both of which were done well. With a woman dancing seductively on-stage during their set, it was she, not the band, that had most of the audience watching. Following (and also lastly) were local act PORNO. Seeing them at the Toronto Death Fest, their sound was less intense as I remembered it, with obvious reasons. The female singer/dancer was not present and the old drummer was gone. The lack of their presence was definitely felt. The guitarist now filled the drumming role, he did an adequate, but not a better job at it. With all three members contributing vocals, PORNO played a good set of mostly death metal with not too much else (also see issue #10 for Alain's demo review, an unfair one but a demo review anyway :-). After the show, I was disappointed on a number of levels. First, the small number of bands that played. With other great London acts like SUMMERTIME DAISIES and BLOOD OF CHRIST not in attendance, PORNO were the only London act to play. Second, the number of fans. There must have been maybe 60 at the most, hell there were more fans at the Toronto Death Fest!!! Perhaps a lack of advertising is to blame. I really hope so, as it wasn't worth going all the way to London to see two bands that I could see play in Toronto.

(article submitted 12/8/1996)

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