Voivod's Venom Unleashed
December 15, 1995 at The Volcano in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
by: Alain M. Gaudrault
This show was particularly enjoyable seeing as I only found out about it the day before, and even managed to get my hands on complimentary passes. But then, this show would have easily been worth The Volcano's cover charge. Denis D'amour (formerly Piggy, guitars), Michel Langevin (formerly Away, drums), and relative newcomer Eric Forrest (bass & vocals) put on a show more reminiscent of their earlier, more aggressive days. Sure, Snake is gone, but Eric's presence makes up for the loss, although being tied down to his bass duties takes away from his frontman dynamics.

The turnout was actually fairly decent for such a small club, especially considering the lack of promotion and the band's still relative obscurity. They did not disappoint. The crowd was whipped into a frenzy, and a small pit formed, lasting pretty much throughout the entire show. Tight, fast, and ever so complex, Voivod was fully in their realm playing a number of selections from their latest full-length release, _Negatron_, as well as standard favourites from their back catalogue. A noticeable lack of songs from their previous few albums was none too surprising given the shift in musical direction the group has taken, although their one minor hit, Pink Floyd's 'Astronomy Domine,' was a definite crowd pleaser.

The show was, in my eyes, a success, although it's unfortunate that a band as musically proficient as Voivod is playing such small venues. I had a few words with D'amour after the show (in French, of course), and he indicated that he's quite happy with the new album, the tour, and the general direction the band is pursuing. No hard feelings for former members Snake and Blacky, and a desire to keep pumping out good metal, Voivod need all the support they can get, and we can all do our part by attending their shows. Given the caliber of the performance, doing so is no great sacrifice.

(article submitted 17/1/1996)

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