Father Merrin - _All Is Well That Ends in Hell_
by: Dan Lake (4 out of 5)
When a band names itself after that iconic Exorcist and extols their doom metal foundations, you basically know what you're getting into immediately. When the love of classic ghost stories on film blissfully bear-hugs the super fuzzy riff, questions of quality become moot and you just settle in for the slow ride.

Luckily for any takers (tokers?), Father Merrin don't skimp on the quality. This isn't hazy-cemetery death/doom or church-basement funeral doom. This French quartet makes burly, rock-oriented buffalo doom, replete with well-honed rhythmic patterns and chest-hair-thickening melodic riffs. Rather than howling or growling over all that sweet headnodditude, the vocalist (known only as A) bellows in the hallowed tradition of Mastodon's Troy Sanders or King Giant's Dave Hammerly. With new EP _All Is Well That Ends in Hell_, Father Merrin submit 25 minutes of successful, engaging and continuously enjoyable plod rock.

The cover art is pretty damn kickass, too, with its skull-faced preacherman and band logo baked under a sickly yellow-green film that is sure to please eyes on both sides of the Atlantic. If this kind of rugged riff-revelry is your bag, you should definitely dip into these four songs and hope for more to come. Highly recommended for sweaty afternoons with beers and bros. Not at all recommended for the chronically mopey.

Contact: http://fathermerrin.bandcamp.com/releases

(article published 22/7/2014)

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