Chromes - _And Here My Disgust Begins_
by: Dan Lake (4 out of 5)
If the Converge discography found a girlfriend and wrote her a love letter about how it tried not to kill her but might have done anyway, it would probably sound like this little two-song demo by London band Chromes. The title track spits much of the same treble-heavy, maxed-out riffery and heightened hardcore screeching as the Boston masters, though overall less frenetically. "Diamond Crowns" begins to bellow its tired doom message, later contents itself with a surly rear-of-stage rant, and then repeats the push-pull routine. Tempos dip, surge, and sidestep, though there's a definite emphasis on heavy rather than nimble here. Dissonance takes its due, but its opposite follows closely and mops up whatever's left. These guys play for the jugular, and given more runtime they'd most likely reach it. With under eight minutes of music at hand, though, Chromes still shine brightly with reflected light. Shine on, boys. Shine on.


(article published 15/1/2012)

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