Heresic Synopsis - _Le Peuple du Vide_
by: Paul Williams (2 out of 5)
Heresic Synopsis obviously know what music they like and what music they want to make, but it seems as though they don't know how to go about achieving this sound, so there is a bit of a messy mixture of grinding breakdowns alongside technical guitar work and simple chug-chug-squeal riffs. The music isn't terrible, but the lack of direction is too apparent, along with the pretty crap production that leaves random instruments sounding very low. Better care could also have been taken with the actual playing of drums and guitar (the bass can be almost non-existent at times) as one or both seem to lose beat every now and again or extra notes are added in where they aren't needed.

_Le Peuple du Vide_ is a bit of a waste of time, with no songs really going for the jugular or even the fucking hair for that matter. Here's some suggestions for your next attempt. Firstly, figure out what bands influence your style of playing, not the bands that you like to listen to. There is no point in stating that bands like Cryptopsy and Necrophagist influence your sound when it is apparent they don't. Secondly, when writing riffs, don't just throw in harmonics everywhere like some kid who just figured out how to do them. Place them with care and make sure they suit the mood you're trying to establish. All it takes to make a decent demo is some care and, to use an immortalised phrase, just a little patience; and this is something which they desperately need to improve on.


(article published 16/8/2009)

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