Alternine - _Démo 2008_
by: Quentin Kalis (3.5 out of 5)
This is another one of those releases that is arguably more rock than metal. Actually, there's no debate this is rock. No matter; it's not that far removed from metal, and I'm not about to ignore possibly good music simply because I reach the conclusion that it is not metal.

Alternine use female vocals (clean vocals -- this is a rock demo, dumbass!) over the course of four well-produced tracks thankfully devoid of cheap "urban" tricks. For once the female vocalist is not their strong suit, as the vocals tend to sound forced and overly dramatic, with lots of drawn out notes. A deep end is provided by the rhythm guitar and overlaid by some impressive lead guitar work, including at least one inspired solo. Although the songs proceed pleasantly, there is a notable absence of troughs and highs, with a tendency to meander needlessly -- this may be attributed in part to the vocal approach, but blame must also be laid at the composer's door.

Those who appreciate the less theatrical female fronted bands that litter Napalm Records' roster may appreciate what Alternine is doing.


(article published 8/10/2008)

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