FDISK - _Connection Reset by Satan_
by: Colleen Burton (4 out of 5)
These fans of Lovecraftian insanity and the Norse pantheon have united under the nerdy name FDISK and recently released their first demo, _Connection Reset by Satan_. Fusing strong Dave Brockie vocals with old-school thrash breakdowns worthy of Exodus, they manage to avoid sacrificing musicianship while taking jibes at everything that annoys them.

The title track details the vengeance of the hoofed one and the unfortunates that FDISK sentences to burn in hell, from script kiddie noobs to Paris Hilton, from the Patriot Act to Pictionary. Apparently, the track ensued after the members were wondering what would happen if Satan was as l33t as themselves and decided to pwn every noob on the Internet. The Secure Socket Sodomizer's bass thrums away, waxing pensive when the guitars steal the spotlight. "Death is the final command!" shouts the ARPA Assimilator, in a seeming homage to Slayer. "Kernel Panic" then briefly details a particularly bad day at work with awesome shredding punctuating the mania described. "DDOS" sounds a great deal like older GWAR and speeds things up for a "frenzied murder rampage", as the amusing exploits here involve using a Perl script to take control of the mind and raise up a zombie army. With a catchy hook woven through the chorus, "DDOS" becomes a bit like slower Obituary during the long, heavy musical interludes.

"Abort Retry or Die" follows the tragedy of an emo kid, and perhaps it's a bit trite with the metalhead hatred of emo being well-established, but the Central Punishing Unit and Binary Butcher really bust out some neck-breaking, classic thrash. "Power Metal" features great high-pitched screeching which may cause some listeners to wonder why FDISK doesn't cast off their '80s thrash approach to metal and follow in the footsteps of DragonForce.

Finally, "Interview" allows one lucky sycophant the opportunity to ask the truly important questions to Mr. Punishing Unit, such as: "Do you have anything to say to the 10,000 residents of Oslo, Norway who were sent to hell for worshipping false idols after erecting 100-foot statues of yourself and the rest of FDISK in the town square and holding Macintosh sacrificial ceremonies as is decreed by your beliefs?"

And thankfully, a love of Teutonic thrash does not cause these gentlemen to sound like an awkward regurgitation of Kreator in a pretty new package; this sound, aided by the eccentric lyrics, is certainly all their own. Repeated listening honestly fails to produce anything to disparage, and this just might become one of those car classics for when you're being silly with your friends.

_Connection Reset by Satan_ is perhaps a bit too short, considering the brevity of several tracks and the "interview" which merely serve to further the humorous aspects of the release, but then, saying "more music is required here" is hardly the worst assessment one can make. Hopefully a full-length album will uphold the lofty expectations that listeners will have from nearly twenty minutes of technological thrash!

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/fdiskband

(article published 25/5/2008)

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