Morpheus - _Promo 2006_
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
Hellenic symphonic metal act Morpheus have released this as a taster for their upcoming full-length, _Extermination of the Dominant Species_. It's unknown whether this contains the final product, or whether this will be subject to further mixing, as I've heard black metal on labels with poorer production and unsigned black metal demos with a stronger sound. The guitars in particular would benefit from being higher in the mix and are occasionally overwhelmed by the keys, whose simulation of strings is weak and unconvincing.

This would be a by-the-numbers entrant, evoking memories of Dimmu Borgir circa _Enthrone Darkness Triumphant_, if it weren't for the emergence of EBM styled effects, whose arrival is wholly unexpected. I must emphasise that they have not crossed the Rubicon into industrial metal territory, not even that of the blackened subset, but have simply utilised occasional bursts as a means of increasing the tension. These are especially effective as an accompaniment to a blasting passage, adding a new dimension to otherwise unremarkable numbers such as "Fake Adoration Before Abomination". Their use is insufficient to whet the appetite for their full-length, but it does point to a potentially new and less travelled direction for any future efforts.


(article published 7/10/2007)

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