Ancestors Blood - _Forgotten Times_
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
Ancestors Blood are a rather unusual band in comparison to their peers floating around within the realm of Viking / Pagan folk metal, for the sole reason that the mouth harp and flute has been discarded in favour of an almost overbearing symphonic explosion. This is juxtaposed against an extremely raw and necrotic production. The drums are particularly and deliciously horrid, sounding much like the oil drums of Mutiilation's _Vampires of Black Imperial Blood_, with similar inclusion of errors. The mood is majestic, conjuring memories of Emperor, which is not something I would have expected given the liberal use of runes and titles such as "Scream of War". The vocals consist of a blackened squawk and the guitars are subservient to the synths, although an occasional solo does rise to the fore. In spite of, or perhaps despite, this seeming incongruity, it somehow manages to work, resulting in a demo greater than the sum of its parts.


(article published 7/10/2007)

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