Bonesaw - _Smack Zombie_
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
The cover art consists of little more than a cartoonish sketch of one of the undead injecting himself (itself?) with a narcotic agent, not dissimilar to a doodle made by a schoolboy bored to death -- pardon the pun -- in an interminable math class. It shouldn't work, but the unabashed DIY nature possesses a latent, if enigmatic appeal.

Bonesaw's demo consists of six songs and lasts for a mere twenty minutes, and with an average playing time of three minutes something, their songs are short, but hardly the premature audio ejaculations of many of their peers. Yet even within this short period, Bonesaw appear to be forging a new path and leaving behind an old style.

The first three tracks are straightforward grinders, featuring a groove here and there, before changing gears on "Exist". The inherent sound remains unchanged, but has slowed down, even incorporating a '70s hard rock riff, before gaining speed around the halfway mark. At five minutes, it's virtually an epic by comparison, but does not get boring. More hard rock influences can be heard on the follow-up, "Threshold". The titles (no lyrics available) of the last three songs suggest a band moving towards a focus on world ills, away from the OTT gore that seems to have been their standard.

Overall, a fairly varied album that remains firmly entrenched within the grind tradition, but also with a strong indication that Bonesaw are undergoing a lateral move.


(article published 3/10/2007)

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