Mort - _Til Death Do Us Part..._
by: Quentin Kalis (2 out of 5)
A solo project of one Andreas Stahre, Mort perform (what else?) a blackened form of metal. The vocals sound slightly muddied, as if they have been distorted. This adds an element of uniqueness, but sounds incongruent next to the comparatively clear production. I'm not sure "clear" is the correct term to use though, as his songs feel somewhat empty; the production provides relative clarity, but fails in providing a sense of fullness, resulting in a rather thin sound. The supposedly eerie keys do little to add to the atmosphere, which would have been better served with a superior production, nor does the presence of a drum machine help to endear me to this demo. The cumulative effect is this less than stellar demo.


(article published 18/8/2007)

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