Interfektor - _Fullmoon Antiquity_
by: Quentin Kalis (no rating)
A two year old demo by a band that has since split up might seem superfluous, and in most cases, I wouldn't give it a moment's thought -- as MySpace clearly demonstrates, there are plenty of other, active candidates for this section. But there are three reasons for featuring this demo. Firstly, this is the side project of one Diabolous, founder member of Vrolok, who have just released an excellent album. Secondly, copies are still available from the address below. Thirdly, it is pretty good. Not excellent; but more than good enough.

Apparently, this side project was started as Diabolous wanted to create what Vrolok would have sounded like had they not shifted styles considerably. Unfamiliar with Vrolok's previous work, I am unable to comment as to what extent this claim is true, and can only provide an opinion on the music within, which is simplistic black metal interspersed with some acoustic passages. I suppose the latter are acceptable, but their absence really wouldn't be noted. The guitars are highly abrasive with loads of distortion and reverb, while the rhythms are what you would expect from a band in this field and offer no surprises.

I have opted not to provide a rating, as it would not be able to accurately convey my feelings on this demo. On the one hand, this would not be too shabby for a couple of teenagers producing their first demo; on the other hand, this is a rather lazy release from the same person who would later record (in the same year, under the Vrolok moniker) the amazing _Void: the Divine Abortion_.


(article published 15/8/2007)

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