Kaos Engine - _Hymn to Death_
by: Quentin Kalis (2 out of 5)
My first impression was that Kaos Engine are still in the process of forming their own sound. They perform what they describe as "thrash and death metal", implying a meeting of two styles (rather than two disparate styles) to form a coherent whole. This is not an unusual approach, having been done countless time before. But in Kaos Engine's case, it seems to be a case of two separate styles being performed alongside each other, rather than a fusion. Songs may feature elements of both, but in a manner that suggests "cut and paste in Cool Edit" rather than a combination of the two, and the alternations between the two seem rather forced. Competent and comfortable with both styles, a more natural synthesis would blur the distinctions between the two and produce a demo that flows more smoothly.

Contact: http://www.thekaosengine.com

(article published 27/7/2007)

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