Kaoteon - _Provenance of Hatred_
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 5)
In my research for my "Desert Demons" series, Kaoteon was cited by virtually all Lebanese interviewees as one of the major players. This seemed a rather unusual position; apart from a rehearsal and a single, nothing further has been released since this three track demo way back in 2004, and the Lebanese scene is not so stagnant that a band best known for a three track demo should be worth citing. Unless said demo was a particularly potent piece of work -- after all, Thorns is still best known and much loved for his pre-incarceration demos rather than his subsequent debut.

In Kaoteon's case, it appears to be a bit of both, as he was one of, if not the first, black metal act to appear in Lebanon, while his feral take on black metal harks back to the days of early Bathory yet still manages to sound fresh and potent. Not surprisingly, it was picked up for distribution by Unsung Heroes Records, for whom music such as his was their bread and butter.

The guitar tone is arguably a bit fuzzy, but it is quickly mitigated by the potent riffs. It is extremely raw, sounding every bit like the basement production job that it was, but without descending into laughably poor production. Perhaps not the best that the scene has to offer, but an early and welcome entrant to the Middle East's still nascent black metal pantheon.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/kaoteon

(article published 24/7/2007)

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