Overoth - _Pathway to Demise_
by: Quentin Kalis (2.5 out of 5)
Let's not beat around the metaphorical bush; the production is absolutely horrible. It is not just raw around the edges, but all the way through. Even the most ardent of black metal traditionalists is likely to turn up their pseudo-aristocratic noses at such a blatant lack of production. The band themselves concede that it is terrible -- but they would be hard-pressed to deny such an obvious fact. Yet the lack of production doesn't quite succeed in masking the otherwise competent compositions by these Gaelic deathheads. This does not mean that these songs are listenable.

Their music has overtones of Suffocation and early Vital Remains, but a lot of the punch they would have had is greatly diminished by the lack of production. They have technical ambitions, but appreciation is hampered by the you-know-what.

To sum up, it sounds like this Irish death band are competent in many respects, but they desperately need to get a professional producer on board.

Contact: http://www.overoth.tk

(article published 22/3/2007)

6/22/2008 Q Kalis 7 Overoth - Death Personified
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