Aither - _Awakening From Beyond_
by: Quentin Kalis (2.5 out of 5)
Aither perform a mix of softened black metal and power metal, much like fellow Italians Stormlord. Stormlord could not make this combination work, but it appears that Aither have obtained greater success in their endeavour. Some ivory tinkling purports to be the intro before Aither launch into the first of two proper songs, "The Coming of the Blessed Age". This song has a catchy riff, but the keys sound cheap and nasty; Varg Vikernes could probably find a use for them. The snarled vocals are passable, but the clean vocals lack the range which is demanded during the clean sections. "Alone Under the Sky" follows, but is a less varied entity than the preceding song and is consequently less interesting. The production could be stronger, as Aither themselves acknowledge, and this may augment their music. However, this demo, like so many before it, hints at potential rather than provide conclusive proof of its existence.


(article published 12/12/2006)

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