Extinction Agenda - _The Grace Defile_
by: T. DePalma (5 out of 5)
From a state historically associated with punk and hardcore (and more recently metalcore, courtesy of Killswitch Engage et al), Extinction Agenda seem hell-bent on cementing themselves as Massachusetts's champions of the old-school. _The Grace Defile_ is the band's second professional CD and their first with a complete line-up, offering four more tracks of villainous speed metal. It would be useful to state what this is not before continuing further. There is no bright, punchy production; no bedroom spikes and, save a tasteful nod to Jeff Hanneman on "Methadrine Angel", little rests on recreating riff for riff from their influences: Exodus, Voivod, etc. The group's core and founder Scott Waldie is surrounded by Scott Defusco, Brian Oblivion and vocalist Smails, all formerly of December Wolves. The new line-up boosts intensity with a deathly tinge supporting the coiled melodies, ready to crumble bass-lines and acerbic lyrics involving hypocrisy and self-destruction. This refined and hungry act is proof positive that there is still creative life in the genre.

Contact: http://exagenda.cjb.net

(article published 15/11/2006)

4/26/2005 T DePalma 5 Extinction Agenda - Demo 2005
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