Portal - _Lurker at the Threshold_
by: T. DePalma (5 out of 5)
This deranged Aussie group turned a number of heads with the release of their debut album, _Seepia_, piecing the remnants of death metal and grind into a blasting macabre aesthetic capped by Caligarian wardrobe. _Luker at the Threshold_ is their first demonstration with new and re-dubbed members Hell Horse (drums) and Mys-Carriage (bass) beside equally absurd founders Illogium, Aphotic and the crooked form of The Curator placed center-stage. Three tracks unfold through lengthy composites of ambient metal with a slow burning, wax-like malleability of instruments and crystallizing breath on vocals. This set relives the dense, suffocating atmosphere of the full-length, but with greater depth in exploration between bleary eruptions, gravel-like surfaces and displacing, nauseting dissonance. Each piece maintains the ambitious avant-garde scope while coherently mowing through interpretations of Lovecraftian horror, resulting in their most implacable material to date.

(Released on cassette by Beer in Your Ear Records.)

Contact: http://www.portalabode.com

(article published 15/11/2006)

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