Chosen - _Fragment (Piece III)_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
Four more tracks from Ireland's Chosen arrive in the shape of this third _Fragment_, following the same nicely consistent presentation the band has adhered to since their first demo. Chosen continue to deliver quality metal with progressive elements, this time with some distorted vocals along with the clean sung ones, and clearly the time for a commercial release must be nigh. The dynamics are quite good, particularly the drumming, with the melody remaining the responsibility of the clean vocals while the distorted ones help accentuate some passages.

_Fragment (Piece III)_ is more aggressive than its predecessor, and ultimately deciding which one is better could be mostly a matter of taste. Personally I like this new demo slightly better than the last, though neither has any real faults or flashes of sheer brilliance to set it apart from the other. As far as musicianship and production, there really is nothing to fault on this new outing. The band is very competent technically, the music neither overly complex nor simplistic, and plenty of care clearly went into making this a solid demo. That objective has been achieved, and the result is a demo that could easily pass as a perfectly decent commercial EP.


(article published 6/11/2006)

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