Tzun Tzu - _Without Zen_
by: T. DePalma (3.5 out of 5)
A new theme group based out of Adelaide, Australia and featuring members of Stargazer and Martire (primarily written by the latter's Don Taylor), Tzun Tzu integrates a hodgepodge of Eastern expressions fitted inside the mold of Western death metal. With the music's obdurate blast routine and chewed vocals placing them in a similar sphere as Incantation or Axis of Advance, the Eastern / Chinese element emerges through abrupt repetition of scale and harmonizing accented trills. It's adequate, but doesn't sound radically different from the former bands mentioned. More distinct are the ambient / instrumental pieces that follow the opening tracks; however, these present their own set of problems. As adaptations of monastic chants, they underwhelm in a more gimmick-oriented approach that loses the vibrancy of the first half. While there is a latent power and potential here, the idea seems to be a few years too late.

Four tracks plus intro released on CD with multimedia including lyrics, biography and contact information. Also contains a selection of MP3s (22) by bands on the Dissident roster including Psycroptic, Astriaal, The Amenta, Oni (pre-Tzun Tzu), Jesus Anal Penetration, Slaughter Thou and Stargazer.


(article published 28/7/2006)

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