Chosen - _Fragment (Piece II)_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
Ireland's Chosen keep things simple and straightforward from the start: from their very name, to their two demo EP covers bearing only simple and tasteful nature photos, to labeling themselves as a metal band -- no fancy mixing of subgenres here, just metal. While I haven't heard the previous _Fragment (Piece I)_, it doesn't take long while listening to this new demo to realize that beneath this apparent simplicity lies some pretty intricate work. Boosted by a very decent production for a demo, including a prominent bass sound, Chosen deliver a technically adept blend of thrashy heavy metal. They sound like the kind of band who can connect to a live audience pretty quickly, because while there is nothing too unusual here, there is certainly plenty of conviction and musical quality on offer -- good rhythm work and sense of dynamics, generally solid clean vocals, and very competent musicianship that's well above average for a demo. The music may not always be very memorable, partially due to a less developed melodic component, and it is occasionally let down by some more simplistic bludgeoning sections. However the demo still remains a rather enjoyable listen for the most part and Chosen look like an interesting prospect for the future.


(article published 29/5/2006)

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