Pe Skewer - _Praxis & Dialectica_
by: Quentin Kalis (3.5 out of 5)
Many years ago, the Dead Kennedys demanded that MTV should "Get off the Air -- Now!" Several decades later, "punk" bands are falling over themselves to enter the arty commerce world epitomised by MTV. Once considered shocking, it is now used to sell breakfast cereals to kids, and a fashion statement to slightly bigger kids. Many would look upon these proceedings with dismay.

Yet there are many that are determined that punk should return to its roots. The Pe Skewer group is no exception, as becomes apparent from the strong retro feel of the demo. But they also recognise that punk needs to grow -- and cite the comparatively unlikely sources of Nietzsche, Marx and Hegel as influences. While the philosophical contemplations of Hegel, Marx et al seem a far cry from the working class roots of punk, closer reflection would reveal that in many instances they are more erudite expressions of the concerns of many of punk's traditional concerns. I cannot say to what extent they can be felt in the bands lyrics however, as the demo is sung purely in Portuguese.

But that is by the by. Although punk (I hardly need to add the qualifiers such as "true" at this point) is hardly renowned for its sparkling production, Pe Skewer sounds particularly lo-fi, providing a suitable retro feel, but suffers from basic and highly repetitive drumming. Although the guitars definitely sound punkish, with an occasional excursion into thrash territory, I have difficulty thinking of a punk band they sound similar to -- but that's probably a consequence of my relatively limited exposure to this genre. In short, not a bad demo at all. It certainly gains by comparison to the other "punk" that is out there.


(article published 29/5/2006)

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