Mummified - _Protocol of Mummification_
by: Quentin Kalis (3.5 out of 5)
I cannot claim to have heard much from Costa Rica -- but then again, why should Brazil (accompanied by a few Mexican acts) be the only Latin American country to contribute significantly to the wider metal community? This trio have composed a six track demo of a particularly primitive and hateful brand of death metal (apart from a thankfully brief and unnecessary intro). Said brand is neither terribly original nor innovative, but Mummified's ambitions don't appear to extend much beyond performing music that they love. The production is a bit thin, but given the financial constraints inherent in self-financed releases, this is to be expected. This thin production actually works to their advantage by emphasizing the primal feel of the album -- but this potential positive has to be balanced against vocals that dominate the mix to the detriment of the guitars and drums. At least their dual vocal assault is a pretty powerful combination, and their growls and shrieks work nicely off each other. As mentioned earlier, this is certainly no huge innovation, but is nonetheless a welcome addition to the pantheon of primitive and brutal death metal.


(article published 26/3/2006)

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