The Plague - _Let the World Burn_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
Remember a late-'90s band called A Canorous Quintet, who plied their trade in the Swedish melodic death metal genre? Well, after an EP, two albums and eight years of silence, they are now back in action, this time under the name The Plague. I happened to really enjoy their 1996 debut full-length _Silence of the World Beyond_, and even though the more aggressive 1998 follow-up _The Only Pure Hate_ failed to impress me as much, I was still quite interested in hearing what the quintet were up to anno 2006. The answer is that they aren't doing anything overly revolutionary -- indeed _Silence of the World Beyond_ was more unique than what they are up to now -- but have certainly retained their knack for creating effective melodic death metal. _Let the World Burn_ mixes typical rhythmic riffing with some melody, with rather good results on the "Plague Angel" chorus for instance, but hardly anything new. The demo is helped by a professional production job, as well as the expected technical expertise possessed by the band. _Let the World Burn_ is a cracking demo that proves that The Plague will be able to contend in today's melodeath market as soon as they are picked up by a label (which I reckon will happen quite soon). However if a full-length album is to be successful, then their creativity needs to take them to places less frequently visited than these.


(article published 22/3/2006)

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