Ascaroth - _Emperor of Human Fears_
by: Andreas Marouchos (3 out of 5)
I might as well go ahead and say it: if you've had enough with raw, ear-jarring black metal which can't seemingly escape from Darkthrone's overhanging shadow, you might as well skip this review, because this demo won't change your mind. On the other hand, if you're habitually numbed to your usual, tenaciously acrimonious black metal outfit, read on. _Emperor of Human Fears_ comprises three tracks, of which one is a cover of Burzum's "War". Both of Ascaroth's songs have that mandatory harsh black metal thrust which harks back to Marduk, Pest and Darkthrone's first few spells, amongst others. Although raw in their delivery and not exactly original, they do possess that old-school hook which can keep you turning the demo a number of times. Unfortunately that's the only hook this demo seems to have, and although Ascaroth are, dare I say, enjoyable on a three-tracker, I wouldn't bet on a prospecting album of a similar approach being anything more than an ill-fated yawnfest.


(article published 20/2/2006)

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