Kallbrand - _Bedrövelse_
by: Andreas Marouchos (3 out of 5)
Kallbrand is a promising black/ambient project of one J. Abrahamsson, and this is his first offering. As the synth-laden ambient intro of _Bedrövelse_ ushers you into the world of Kallbrand and its bleak apparitions, you can't help but get comfortable in its inviting atmosphere. Not before long, perhaps too shortly for that matter, "Det Svarta Hav" follows with its catchy folk-tinged black metal riffs, which for some obscure reason remind me of Arckanum. The next three tracks are of a distinctly ambient affair; think Burzum's melancholic imagery and Abigor's more atmospheric parts (_Orkblut_ era) with less of the symphonic bombast. Be it as it may, it becomes quite noticeable after a while that the tracks in question fall short in successfully enmeshing that entrancing ambient element into the demo's black metal backbone, which makes it sound disparate in terms of continuation and musical fluidity. Sounding more like the incipient steps of a budding artist (well, it is a demo after all), _Bedrövelse_ comes from a band which undeniably is in need of maturation, in order for its future efforts to stand on their own two feet.

Contact: http://www.kallbrand.cjb.net

(article published 20/2/2006)

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