It Will Come - _47_
by: Jackie Smit (3.5 out of 5)
With the exception of Arch Enemy, the average female-fronted metal band these days tends to take the shape of a bodice-clad bit of eye candy performing what could only realistically pass for psuedo goth-rock. In light of this, while it by no means implies that Louise Halldin could scare the paint off a BMW, It Will Come presents a refreshing change with their take on the slower, distinctly doomier stylings of My Dying Bride et al. Indeed slow is most definitely the operative watchword as the three songs contained on _47_ all inch close to the ten minute mark. This provides the band with an ample platform off which to conjure up some surprisingly stark and effective atmospheres. Yet at times it also proves to be the Gothenburg's quartet's Achilles heel, when ideas are stretched into far longer sequences than they inherent qualities should merit. That said, it's early days yet for It Will Come, and provided that they remain on their present creative course, I won't expect to see them on MTV anytime soon, but would certainly expect big things from them in the future.


(article published 29/1/2006)

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