Majeste Simphonia - _Tragenda Dramatica_
by: Andreas Marouchos (3 out of 5)
With two songs clocking at just over seven minutes, there's one thing for sure: this is going to be a short review. Obviously, with such a small taste we can't reliably assume what the outfit's actual caliber or potential may be. Nonetheless, the single actual song that comprises this disc (apart from the keyboard-laden instrumental, which, even though a soothing piece of music, is of little importance) presents an ardent and capable outcome well worth its short transverse on this petite demo. It can be characterized as atmospheric / gothic metal finely interlaced with symphonic parts, with a touch of melodic black metal to rev up the overall momentum of the song. Vocals alternate between clean sung parts and typical black metal rasps. Technically speaking, there's nothing exceedingly extravagant in the song's delivery, which makes it a pleasant listen, although just a few notches above the mediocre mark. Of course it hints towards the likes of The Sins of thy Beloved, Tristania (minus the female vocals) and even late Moonspell, which makes its nature derivative and carrying less of an impact. Hopefully next time we'll have a release which is more than an appetizer.


(article published 16/11/2005)

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