Necrovation - _Ovations to Putrefaction_
by: T. DePalma (4 out of 5)
Because Bloodbath can never fulfill the withdrawal one suffers in an era of flaccid melodies, turgid structure and stupid haircuts: the salivating, degenerate need for truly ugly death metal. Just as the planet continuously overpopulates with bovine communities and un-maintainable tribes of humans, delivering AIDS, SARS and other cleansing acronyms into the fold, so metal providence has given us over the last few years a reemerging of the early Swedish sound (occurring sparsely around the world, but most potent in Stocklholm, as it preferably ought to be). Now, retro is down on my list of consistent interests, but when listening to the likes of Repugnant (unfortunately kaput), Verminous, the new Kaamos and Necrovation I get a sense of prophetic delight at this potential fimbulwinter in a sentimentalist summer.

Sort of a Repulsion meets Nirvana 2002, Necrovation breathes sickness into the gardens of harmony, instrumental clinic and excessive studio sheen. Tremolo picked rhythms slither over and under the drums' thudding zombie strut; vocals spill like a bucket of chum and the whole exhibition is condensed into an ambience of muffled séance via victoriously awful production. It is the living dead punching through the walls and floor of your psyche in a down-tuned barrage of monstrously thick steel gauge hell. It's that and a dozen other clichés used to describe dozens of bands before, but believe me that these four tracks are as honest and destructive, though perhaps not timeless, as those influences.

(This review refers to the official third pressing released by Deathrash Armageddon (Japan), featuring modified art design on the cover. All other versions are potentially no longer available.)


(article published 25/8/2005)

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